Making Participatory Culture & New Media Literacies Happen, A Reflection

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We share a name, 27 Facebook friends, a workplace (past and present), a COETAIL coach (shout out to Vivian) and we recently met in real life! So it’s not all that surprising that we ended up working together on our Course 2 Final Project. 

Over the last few weeks we have really started to dig into this idea of Participatory Culture and New Media Literacies. Clear your plate for three minutes and check out this video:


The idea started with designing a unit that would dig into the NML and either give teachers a format for delivering a unit or perhaps guidelines for professional development workshop. We started working on a Google Doc and then before we knew it we were emailing, collaborating and Hanging Out in Google!


Andrea and Ange discussing the project plans and collaboration beginnings. Awesome discussion and cool revelations!

We then decided it might be fun to co-author our reflective blog post and demonstrate some of the New Media Literacy Skills in the process. Below we’ve embedded our working reflection document as it highlights the collaborative process of our whole project. 

Project details can be found on Andrea’s blog and Ange’s blog and you can find more information about the NML and Participatory Culture here.

One comment to “Making Participatory Culture & New Media Literacies Happen, A Reflection”
One comment to “Making Participatory Culture & New Media Literacies Happen, A Reflection”
  1. Yes, I’m not seeing double! This is awesome! This is the power of PLN 🙂

    Well done to you and @andreakhambalia

    I’m looking forward to hearing more developments… 😉

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