Putting my Infographics to Shame

Digital Resumé

There’s nothing like a quick little google image search to knock you down a few notches. Take a quick look at a couple of very different but equally creative takes on the resumé:

Brendon Kleinman encourages you to find him on Facebook and click through these images. A neat way to take advantage of the fact that almost all potential employers will stalk you on Facebook

Brandon Kleinman wants you to stalk him on Facebook

Brandon Kleinman wants you to stalk him on Facebook (Image is a screenshot from here)

Frances Homo shows us how to use your head to communicate your many accolades.

MY RESUME by darthkix on deviantART

Kind of wish I had seen these examples (and the others listed here by Mashable) before I jumped into the world of digital resumes. My effort below is certainly not ready to send out to prospective employers but it’s not a dreadful first attempt, especially if you don’t compare it to any of these!

Seriously, am I going to have to employ a graphic designer to secure my next job for me?

My Digital Resumé

Untitled Infographic

Creating Infographics in Class

Creating infographics is hard. It makes sense that this is the last topic for course 3 as it really requires some mastery of all other components of visual literacy. You need perfect use of fonts, colour and space. You need it to be simple yet full of detail. Simple detail? What?

I put my kids to the task of making infographics not so long ago. They had to create some kind of survey to collect data and then they needed to present the data in the form of an infographic. Here is a selection of the results:


I am about to start my Stats unit with my juniors and I have been thinking about how I can re-work the assignment. I want to appeal to all students and not just the kids who fall under the “arty” umbrella so I need to provide more templates and suggestions for how to make it work. You can clearly see that some students simply filled their infographic with text and/or images and didn’t really try to sell the data. They were definitely scrambling and I was really not providing the right kind of support (too much maths help and not enough infographics help.) I will also try to push the infographics assignments to the end of the unit when, hopefully, my students will have a stronger idea about how data tells a story.
3 comments to “Putting my Infographics to Shame”
3 comments to “Putting my Infographics to Shame”
  1. Hi Ange

    I too opted to create a digital resume/infographic and I’m not sure if it was the right choice. You can see mine on my blog. It looks more like a PowerPoint to me. Ah well. I like yours. Maybe I’d try to cut down on the text, but then it’s so difficult to get across what you want to convey. In the end I decided to do the only thing I could think of and cheat. I embedded the infographic and a regular text resume. At least yours looks like an infographic 🙂


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