Course 3 – Don’t be done!

I think that this has been my favourite course so far. I enjoyed every week and I learned a chunk! I feel like it pushed me to complete a whole host of projects I had on my to-do list and it forced me to re-think the design of those projects.

Looking back through course three:Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.12.23 PM

  • I decided that my blog layout was just fine and then I did the C.R.A.P analysis and changed my mind!
  • I revamped my blog design, and then I had my 9th graders do it to theirs too.
  • I reflected on my infographics project and built in some specific lessons that will focus on teaching visual literacy skills to my students.
  • I had a go at my own digital resume
  • I pointed out the lack of sushi plate in my presentation skills (didn’t get a chance to rectify that disaster yet!)
  • I wondered about digital storytelling. I am still wondering. I don’t think I have it right yet.



I think I tackled a few of the final project ideas and probably could have settled with my digital resume, but I wanted to further explore the idea of digital story telling. I had a video that I showed to parents that I looked at turning into a story. I wrote out a script that told the tale of a old school maths teacher that enjoyed the stage and loved her textbooks. Her life was revolutionised by technology and her classroom was reformed. I didn’t quite get the chance to put that story into a video. I need more footage (and I might need to continue on that classroom revolution idea!) but I did make some improvements on the earlier video. It’s not nearly the story I wanted to be but it does have a bit more dialogue and it’s clearly a reflection process and/or instructional video.

I’ll keep that hollywood script for another time.



3 comments to “Course 3 – Don’t be done!”
3 comments to “Course 3 – Don’t be done!”
  1. Hi Ange,
    I’m so glad you loved Course 3! It was my favourite course too (just working on Course 5) Your enthusiasm shines through!
    Your recap of what you learned is interesting and really useful too as a kind of course 3 audit.
    Plus, I love your video of integrating technology into the maths classroom. Some great ideas presented in a visually exciting and inspiring way. Thank you! As an EAL teacher this gives me some great ideas for supporting (rather than hindering!) math too.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of COETAIL.

    • Hi Louise,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Seriously this course looked like it was going to be a lot to get done and it turns out that I have even more I want to write about. I have a whole post about sketchnotes that I didn’t even publish yet… Wondering if I’ll get a chance to sneak that in somewhere else, always nice to have a post up your sleeve!

      Good luck in course 5, I will be sure to drop in and see what you are up to!


  2. Your examples of how technology can be used to teach Math is fascinating to me! I’m from primary school and I had no idea about all these tools. I think you should offer an online course teaching math teachers ways to integrate technology in their teaching. This can’t be an easy learning curve, but it would be so powerful for them!

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