Ending with the Start in Mind – Course 5 Catch Up

It was two months ago that Clint Hamada told us to Start With the End in Mind when kicking off the Course 5 project. I kind of feel like I read that wrong as I finally sit down right now and write my first Course 5 post revealing that in my case it looks like I am Ending with the Start in Mind. I’ve been working on two projects for a couple of months now without really deciding which will work. I’ve started the project but I’m still finding myself in a position that I’m really close to the end of the this course but I’m only just starting.

I am reminding myself of my students. Perhaps I am too much of an example to them?!!?

But look, all excuses and jokes aside (yeah, I was attempting a couple of jokes) I’ve been working on a couple of ideas. The first idea I already put out there at the end of course 4; I would create a blended

learning environment for my senior class and I’ve been doing that all semester with varying degrees of success. The second idea that has been rolling around was to develop something more closely aligned to my new position as the Middle School Teaching and Learning coach. Louise Phinney put her project proposal here and she pushed my thinking about a final project that would show how courses 1-4 are integrated into my new role. The co-teaching, co-planning, PD sessions, parent meetings etc are enormous aspects of my job so the idea went from collating all of those aspects to perhaps showcasing the coaching cycle as I work one-on-one with a teacher (with the final project being a unit that we plan together). 

Some desperate pleas of help to Chrissy and she suggested that it doesn’t need to be so black and white. I could use this opportunity to showcase the blended learning classroom from the perspective of a coach. Create a resource to share with other teachers and develop a plan for how I might change things up if I was to get my own class again.

So. There it is. Not so far from the original plan but with a more focused and pertinent lens.

Stay tuned for some rapid fire blog posts.

And some further tweaking of this:


3 comments to “Ending with the Start in Mind – Course 5 Catch Up”
3 comments to “Ending with the Start in Mind – Course 5 Catch Up”
  1. Hi Ange,
    I concur! I too had to go back to the very beginning and it too feels like the beginning of what happens next!
    Chrissy is right, use what you know and what you are doing as it makes sense and sounds really interesting. I would love to follow your progress and I look forward to seeing your final posts and video. Personalised learning is an area i would like to delve into deeper and see it working in practice. How have you found it working so far? Are teachers and students both receptive and willing? Your role as coach should guarantee its integration and I for one would love to see the model you develop.
    Best of luck,

  2. Hi Ange

    I’m late to this post but can sympathize with the challenges of taking on a new role while trying to complete your Final Project.

    Looking forward to catching up with the rest of your news…


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