Blending the Learning – Nobody said this was easy.

So here it is – the final unit plan that will hopefully result in my successful completion of CoETaiL and my students total domination over the Math HL option.

Without going into too much detail right now as I’m still tidying a lot of this unit up and I have a lot of reflection running rampant in my mind (and I really just want to publish this planning document), very few students can walk into a classrooms and just get on with a personalised learning experience.

That might have been my personal learning experience!

3 comments to “Blending the Learning – Nobody said this was easy.”
3 comments to “Blending the Learning – Nobody said this was easy.”
    • It all started off well and then the IB deadlines started to roll in and time began to disappear. Lots of learning was done by me…

      I’ve enough reflecting to be able to get the final project done but it didn’t really go as planned…

      • Hi Ange

        Well, the great thing is that the project is just as much about process as product. If you have some good reflections on what happened and what you might want to change for next time, that makes for a great Final Project too. 🙂


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