My Tech in a Minute Series – Putting my CoETaIL skills to work

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Leading a Cohort at Innovate in my role as T&L Coach

Leading a Cohort at Innovate in my role as T&L Coach (Photo used with permission from @mmreyno)

As the MS Teaching and Learning (T&L) Coach at Graded I’m responsible for adding a few T&L snippets to the weekly highlights. The highlights hit teacher inboxes on Sunday evening and outline the events of the upcoming week. I can pretty much do what I like with my section of the highlights as long as it falls under the heading of “Learning and Tech Tips from Ange”. In my first few weeks of the job I pretty much scrambled and linked to things that had probably already been shared and I spent a lot of time introducing myself and reminding teachers that I was finally in the MS and ready to get to work! As I settled into the role I started to pay closer attention to this little publication that I had access to each week. I spoke to teachers I realised that they truly read every detail of the highlights and that my scrambling was obvious and not so helpful. So I made some changes and set myself some time each week to do the following:

  1. Search for quality readings/websites/blogs to share with the community (Added some more purpose to my growing Twitter addiction and pushed me outside of the COETAIL and Mathchat hashtags)
  2. Find an example of teaching and learning in the MS to share (Forced me into classrooms with a camera in hand)
  3. To create something (Focus on design and iMovie time!)

Here are some episodes from my beginning Tech in A Minute series. They are intentionally cheesy I promise!


This process each week is clearly linked to everything that I have learned so far in this CoETaIL course. The community involvement, the teacher collaboration and amplification of student work and the effort of creating videos/infographics/screencasts/etc to share out really have started to feel like essential parts of who I am as a CoETaIL student and learner. In the recent CoETaIL Cast #23 there was talk about the path after course 5 (and I believe it will be discussed in detail in the next #coetailchat on Twitter) and I realised that as I finish up my course 5 project I can already see how some of what I see as the core components of this course (collaboration, community, purposeful technology) have truly embedded themselves into my weekly routines.

Now… a little less time with Tech in a Minute and a little more time with course 5…. 


9 comments to “My Tech in a Minute Series – Putting my CoETaIL skills to work”
9 comments to “My Tech in a Minute Series – Putting my CoETaIL skills to work”
  1. This is great. I like the way you have realised that people are taking notice of what you do and you need to take a step up to create something not just of quality but something that is meaningful and reusable, and it really is cheesy tech in a minute. Little bites for sharper learning. Fantastic stuff.

    • Thanks for watching!

      I was nervous to put these out there at first because they are so cheesy and I was worried that people wouldn’t see that that was intentional. Turns out that my teachers are laughing and learning all the way with me! I’m starting to get some requests now too!

  2. Ange, I love “Tech in a Minute”! Just became a subscriber

    I was impressed by how incredibly dexterous you are in your screencast. Any tips in this area? I need way more practice. Filming my screencast for the Parent Community Outreach for my sustainability and twitteracy project took many, many minutes…

    Let me just say that Graded is very lucky to have you!

    • Thanks for subscribing! There is a fair bit of editing that is happening to put it together (although less and less as I get in the practice!) I do the screencast part without audio and the drag it into iMovie where I add the voice over. I work out what I want to say and then I can edit the screencast (cut parts out, speed parts up etc) to try and get it as close to one minute as possible. In the last couple I’ve added a little webcam view of myself and I use ink2go for that – it was worth the 20 bucks.

      It is kind of fun putting there together and I’m starting to get a few emails from teachers who tell me that they look forward to each new video! I’m trying to stick to one per fortnight so that I can manage them!

  3. Love these Tech minute tutorials and I’m learning stuff along the way. Keep on sharing them.

    You’ve done a good job with them. I like the pace of the instruction, the music. Everything sounds very clear! Fab!


    • Thanks so much Vivian! I am starting to think that these might have made a better final project – I’m really struggling to get that done!

      Lots of learning with the Tech in a Minute series but I’m just throwing them out there as I make them and am starting to worry less about perfection – just making sure the message gets out there!

  4. Ange, these are great! I love that they are really quick but quite helpful. How are teachers responding? Are you finding this useful for spreading the cool things that teachers are doing? Next year I’ll be in a tech integrator/coach role and think I’ll do the same thing at my school. Thanks for being a role model!

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for watching them!

      I started them out as a little gimmick and I am getting really good feedback. For most people the 60 seconds or so is enough to give them the push to try it out by themselves, and then some teachers seek me out for some more help. The next few that I have lined up are direct responses to some needs that I see in the school (shortcut keys, google apps for ed and using veracross our LMS)

      It helps that teachers know that these videos are made in equal parts tongue-in-cheek and informative!

  5. I love the fact that they are cheesy! Don’t stop!

    Ange Molony—Youtube star! (When you start making your millions of dollars, don’t forget about your humble beginnings here.)

    Watch out @jutecht you’ve got competition and she’s actually funny! 😉

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