Blended Learning – My Course 5 Project

flickr photo by Andrew_D_Hurley shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Flickr photo by Andrew_D_Hurley  shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

After so many false starts I am so happy to finally have this project all wrapped up. I would be lying if I said I was super pleased with it, but it came together much better than I thought it would.

Course 5 was tough because I was 85% focused on my transition to my new job and 15% dedicated to my remaining class. I somehow needed to find some more percentage time to dedicate to COETAIL and I really struggled to find it. In the end I think I should have made more of an effort to link my project to my new job but time just kept getting in the way and I had already done a lot of the heavy thinking about blended learning.  (I’ve been obsessed with making my Tech in a Minute videos and looking at some other COETAIL projects I now realise that I could have made something work with them… But, why am I trying to revise history?! MOLONY – it’s done!)

flickr photo by topgold shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

flickr photo by topgold shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

My presentation walks through the decision making process, some blended learning theory and then the process of putting the unit together. I wasn’t able to get as much input from my students as I would have liked – college visits, senior trips and exams just kept getting in the way – but Rina gave some insight into how the unit worked out for her.

I think I will put together another post (in the summer, in between Women’s World Cup soccer games) that will help teachers put together a blended learning unit – I was going to create this video through the lens of a teaching and learning coach but I don’t think that really happened in the end.

My list of “what NOT to do” is much longer than my list of “what to do” in terms of blended learning but I’m OK with that. As I said in my video, I am ready to go round two with this in August – look out!

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 11.12.23 AM

I think I hit most of the reflection/guiding questions in my video except this one….

What was your greatest learning in this course?

Without a doubt it is about the power of the connections. I thought I was good at twitter before but I’ve just learnt so much about how to stay active and how to grow and maintain relationships on twitter. Casual retweets benefit only a few. Having the courage and finding the time to really participate in twitter chats has been a huge learning experience for me. There really is a massive support network in the twittersphere if you are prepared to look/wait for it.

I also have to credit COETAIL with developing my video skills. I really never gave iMovie a chance and when I did I was careless and lazy – hello iMovie themes! Design is important and I’m still no pro, but I am trying to be more aware of the final product.

Happy/sad that there is no COETAIL course 6…. Who is up for the coaching course with Kim Cofino?!?!

Here is the project!



The UBD planner


EDIT (MAY 10th 11:30am)

Mike emailed me his answers to the following questions:

1) How do you use the internet to practice/learn mathematics
2) How useful are the screencasts on the google site
3) Do you go online to find additional tutorial videos and do you share these with your classmates

I am happy that the students do make use of their most comfortable online space to collaborate and support each other. This is a perfect example that supports why it is important that students are involved in the planning process. They will make suggestions that will support what they know works for them.

3 comments to “Blended Learning – My Course 5 Project”
3 comments to “Blended Learning – My Course 5 Project”
  1. Hi Ange

    Congratulations on finishing your final project and finishing Coetail.

    It must not have been easy moving into a different position in the middle of Coetail and right before the start of course 5. I like the “pathway to success” image you posted in your post. Life happens and nothing is ever straightforward the way we imagine them in our minds, beforehand.

    Thank you for sharing with us how a blended learning environment might look like in an IBDP math classroom. You have shown us it is possible for everyday teachers to design their own.

    I like the goal of your blended learning environment that students can go through a personalized program of learning at their own pace. At the same time, they help compile math explanation videos to give other students resources to include in their blended learning environment. This is making your job easier, over time. Clever! I hope you share these videos in a playlist so that teachers around the world can use them too.

    Thanks for your “Tech in a Minute” tutorials, as well. Maybe they will be part of a blended learning PD environment, one day 😉 I can’t believe you were a newbie at making movies before Coetail. It is not obvious at all. You’re a real pro at it now and I love the funny quirky tone of the tutorials. (LOL @ the closing credits…you and your coffee cup!)

    Congrats again on finishing! It’s been great following your progress. Your school sounds like a very innovative school pioneering the edges of good practice with technology (You have LangWitches there!). The fact that Coetail was valuable to you says lots about the program. That’s good for Coetail to know.

    Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you around the PLN!


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